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LEOTC - Learning experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom

Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom (LEOTC) is a Ministry of Education curriculum support project. It contributes to curriculum-related programmes run by a range of community-based organisations for the benefit of New Zealand school students.

Providers of LEOTC include zoos, museums, historic parks, art galleries, performing arts and science centres who hold significant resources and expertise used to enrich student learning within a unique Aotearoa/New Zealand context.

LEOTC programmes complement and enhance classroom learning. They are authentic hands-on, interactive learning experiences for students. Providers and schools work in partnership to ensure that programmes meet the learning needs of students and support effective teaching and learning.

If you can't find answers to your questions on this site please email us at learning.experience@minedu.govt.nz.

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