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LEOTC - Learning experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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Useful links

The LEOTC teacher support area contains a links page to useful resources that providers will find relevant.

This includes Te Pataka Matihiko – Digistore the Ministry of Education's storehouse for digital resources and interactive learning objects that support learning across the curriculum. LEOTC providers are encouraged to make digital material available through Digistore, as a means to showcase their resources. Register online. Contact digistore@tki.org.nz for more information.

Alternative sources of funding

The Funding Information Service is a not-for-profit organisation collecting and distributing information about funding by way of three separate searchable computer databases: FundView, BreakOut, and CorporateCitizens.

Conservation education resources

The Department of Conservation has a number of useful resources for teachers and educators to use in developing programmes for conservation education.

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