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FAQs for providers

When is the next procurement round happening?  

The next request for proposal (RfP) round under the new Enriching Local Curriculum (ELC) programme will open on 12 October 2021 and close at noon on 14 December 2021. We invite all providers (new and current) to apply for delivery of local curriculum support for schools from 1 July 2022 to 31 December 2025. The new agreements will give funding for 3.5 years.

What’s going to be different about the next procurement round? 

The selection criteria for ELC is different from LEOTC. Please read the RfP carefully. Below are some of the key changes. 

  • Programmes provide authentic, hands on, locally-based learning that complements and enhances student learning through the New Zealand Curriculum, and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa (current and being refreshed), and Te Whāriki.  
  • Programmes will deliver broad curriculum outcomes rather than focus on specific subject areas. 
  • ELC providers need to show meaningful bicultural partnerships with mana whenua knowledge holders (unless you are yourself a mana whenua knowledge holder) and other local knowledge holders. 
  • Programmes need to use some level of Māori language to support our national identity, while Māori-medium programmes will support a high level of te reo Māori. 
  • Some programmes draw on current and emerging technologies to provide experiences that are not constrained by time or place.  
  • A more equitable spread of funding across regions will exist.
  • ELC includes early learning services as well as schools and kura. Programmes are for ākonga in early learning services (0-6 years of age), state and integrated schools and kura, and registered private schools in years 1-13.

How will I hear about the latest updates?  

Newly-released information is on this website. Current providers will receive an email. If you are a new provider wishing to be emailed with news about the latest procurement round, send an email to elc@education.govt.nz and you will be added to the mailing list. 

I am a new provider and would like support on the application process for the 2022 programme. Can you give us a guide?

Please refer to the RfP for instructions on how to apply for ELC funding. Join our webinar on 20 October to answer questions you may have about the RfP. Email us with any questions or to register interest for the webinar.
Note that the last day you can send questions related to funding proposals is 25 November 2021 by 12pm. 

How long is the application window?

Nine weeks.

Who can apply for ELC funding?

We encourage all organisations who are keen to play a role in supporting the learning of ākonga in their area to apply for ELC funding. We especially encourage Māori and Pacific organisations to apply as we are working towards having a diverse range of providers to support all our learner’s needs. To find the full list of our requirements and conditions, please go to our Request for Providers (RfP) page on Government Electronic Tendering Services (GETS).

What’s going to happen to the 2022 programme in the event of a change to COVID-19 alert level?

Each provider will have a contingency plan for how they will continue delivery in case of change in COVID-19 alert levels. Other options may be considered, such as delivering the programme online if that is considered doable for the successful delivery of the project. Flexibility in terms of extending your project timelines to ensure successful delivery of your project will be in place. Contact our team if you need further advice.

We are interested in applying to be an ELC provider. Do we need to be police vetted and include that in our application?

Providers must undergo a Police Vetting Check prior to a contract being agreed upon. Selected providers cannot start their delivery until they complete this process, as well as finalising a Children’s’ Policy statement.

How are you going to select the providers? Who will be part of the selection panel?

All proposals are reviewed by an evaluation panel with representatives from the sector including teachers, local iwi, Pacific, Ministry staff, and experts in distance and blended learning.

How many providers will be selected for the new programme?

The Ministry expects to negotiate 70 to 100 contracts and will ensure an equitable geographical spread so students from across New Zealand can access these services.

Can we use the funding for buses, transport, and so on?

ELC funding may be used to support increased access to students’ learning experiences. This may include transport to and from a location. However, funding is not used for capital expenditure greater than $500; the money should go directly towards students’ experiences, rather than infrastructure or investments.

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