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LEOTC - Learning experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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For boards and principals

Welcome to the Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom (LEOTC) page for boards of trustees and principals.

The value of LEOTC visits

LEOTC programmes provide students with access to exhibits tools, objects, artefacts, expertise, and ‘hands-on’ experiences that are not available in the immediate school environment.

The programmes are run independently of schools but they complement and enrich classroom programmes.

Providers and schools work in partnership to ensure that programmes meet the learning needs of the students, and are implemented as part of the school curriculum.

Ministry of Education research has shown that when places other than school are valued as learning spaces, learning happens within them. It also shows that learning happens when students interact with different exhibits, tools, objects, and artefacts.

Our research also shows the quality of the partnership between the school and the site contributes to the success of a visit.

In particular, visits are most effective when teachers and education officers work together before, during, and after the visit to link the visit to the curriculum and prepare students for the visit. Teachers and education officers must have clear learning goals to focus on during the visit and provide relevant follow-up activities.

Teachers have particular responsibilities and must fulfil specific requirements to take students off the school grounds. Please read the Education Outside The Classroom Guidelines for information on the safety management process, legal obligations, and planning templates for good programmes outside of the classroom.

How are Ministry LEOTC providers selected?

Ministry of Education LEOTC providers are selected annually using different selection rounds focused on the learning areas of The New Zealand Curriculum. The tender process is open and contestable and ensures that only the highest quality programmes are selected.

The selection process is continually being refined. Each year, the selection panel gives valuable feedback on the current tender document to ensure that the Ministry is making the best use of money, in alignment with current priorities.

Please refer to the Tenders and proposals page to view the current tender document (also called the Request for Proposal/Project Specifications document).

How are providers monitored?

The Ministry of Education contracts a monitoring company to audit all LEOTC providers annually. This audit not only ensures that public money is used correctly but it also reviews the quality and educational value of the programmes.

Who are the LEOTC providers?

Please view the interactive map to find the current list of all Ministry-supported LEOTC providers.

How can I use LEOTC?

Please refer to the Learning Stories to view examples of the effective use of LEOTC.

If your school would like to create your own learning story for submission to this site, please use this template and email it in to us.

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