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LEOTC - Learning experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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For parents and whānau

Welcome to the Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom (LEOTC) page for parents and whānau.

LEOTC programmes provide students with access to exhibits, artefacts, expertise, and hands-on experiences that are not available in school. They offer unique and stimulating learning opportunities.

The programmes are run independently of schools but they are aligned with classroom programmes.

How you can help

Parents, caregivers, and other adults will often accompany a class on an LEOTC visit.

As an adult helper, you are an important part of the visit – Ministry research shows that well-prepared adults can help student learning and your interactions with the students adds richness to their learning experiences.

To help students get the most from the visit, you can:

  • talk to the teacher before the visit and find out about the curriculum topic and the learning goals
  • get involved with students at the site – follow the lead of the teacher and education officer, and help focus students’ attention on the learning goals
  • encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning – work with them in small groups
  • talk with the students about their learning
  • make sure you know the expected site rules and help students to follow it
  • be enthusiastic and participate fully.

For more information about school trips and outings, and for support on helping your child learn, please visit the parents and whānau area on the Ministry of Education website.

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