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LEOTC - Learning experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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Research and development project information

The Ministry of Education is this year contracting a number of LEOTC providers to undertake research and development projects.

The projects are to support the continuing development of LEOTC programmes and to help providers prepare for the transition to a regional tendering model beginning in 2012.

Research process support

NZCER have prepared some useful resources for participating providers to get the most out of their research and development projects.

You can download that guidance here:

Additionally, participating providers can also contact NZCER directly for advice and support from 11 April at rachel.bolstad@nzcer.org.nz or 04 802 1382.

Final report


The final report of each of the research projects will be produced using the template below. A synthesis of findings across these reports will be produced by NZCER and shared with providers. NZCER will also work with providers to develop some illustrative stories and case studies that emerged from the R&D projects.

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