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LEOTC - Learning experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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Learning Stories

These Learning Stories have been produced using the Learning Story template in full or by adapting the template and creating short films. The venues were chosen to show best practice, and a range of curriculum learning areas and student age groups.

The 'teacher’s voice' is from the teacher responsible for the visit. This may not always be the person who arranged the LEOTC visit but will be the teacher responsible for the management of the visit on the day.

Please refer to the Learning Stories template and the following Learning Stories that show how the templates can be used to capture learning.

Investigating Crabs

Curriculum area: Science (Biology)
Year group: Year 13
Location: Dunedin
Mt Hutt College – Methven
Teacher: Katherine Hayes

New Zealand Marine Studies Centre – Dunedin

Educators: Sally Carson, Victoria Rosin, Steve Cutler
Programme Director: Sally Carson

Matariki Art

Curriculum area: Arts
Year group: Year 8
Location: Gisborne
Manutuke School – Gisborne
Teacher: Te Aroha Paenga

Tairawhiti Museum – Gisborne
Education Officers Gayle Te Kani; Lisa Christensen; Lina Marsh

Select the learning story film clips to watch teachers and students participate in LEOTC visits.

Machines That Help Us

Curriculum area: Technology
Year group: Year 1
Location: Auckland
Newtown Central School – Auckland
Teacher: Kim Hankins
Syndicate leader: Josephine McEndry

Museum of Transport and Technology – Auckland
Educator: Sarah Overton
Bookings Officer: Shelley Osborne
Programme Director: Nicola Short


Curriculum area: Social Science
Year group: Years 4–6
Location: Wellington
Gifted Kids Newtown School – Wellington Unit
Teacher: Sally Fortescue
Associate Principal: Deb Clarke

Museum of Wellington City and Sea – Wellington
Educator: Shelley Seay
Education Coordinator: Shelley Seay

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