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LEOTC - Learning experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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What's new in LEOTC

We were very impressed by the very high level of  creativity and commitment of providers when we first went into lockdown. COVID-19 Level 4 forced everyone in New Zealand (including all those supporting student learning and wellbeing) to develop alternative ways of working and delivering their services. Our LEOTC providers were no exception!

Most options have been to make resources available online and adapted to suit age groups. Some encouraged students (and their bubbles) to try out things at home.Resources and approaches are unique to each providers’ expertise. The Ministry is still keen to help providers in their plans and we can host links to your unique resources on our LEOTC page on TKI.

This provides a unique opportunity for schools and their learners to access programmes not just from inside their own region and providers to have their resources reach all over New Zealand.

As restrictions ease and face to face delivery becomes more readily available you may find it useful to continue to use the online resources as an adjunct to onsite work.

Please see below the links to the following providers’ resources:

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