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EOTC - Experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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Appendix 4 EOTC Toolkit



The EOTC Toolkit contains a selection of forms that reflect current good practice procedures for EOTC safety. The Toolkit will assist you to refine your systems for EOTC management and meet your legal and good practice responsibilities.

Note that NOT all forms are required for every EOTC event. Many low-risk events may have few forms.


Using the Toolkit

When using the Toolkit, please note the following:

  • Forms should be adapted to your school’s needs and requirements, including putting your school’s letterhead at the top.
  • Ideally, you should create a workflow or diagram to illustrate how the forms work together for your school, and when each form is required.

Risk management (and paperwork) should be in proportion to the level of risk and complexity associated with the EOTC event.

The new EOTC Coordinator Toolkit is designed to support the work of EOTC coordinators, particularly with recording information about activity requirements and staff competencies.

Visit Education Outdoors New Zealand for EOTC Toolkit and EOTC Coordinator Toolkit Forms 


Appendix 5 EOTC safety management plan

The EOTC safety management plan should form the basis of why and how you plan to manage safety in your EOTC programme. This document will sit under the school-wide health and safety management system and alongside safety management plans for other areas within the school.

Visit Education Outdoors New Zealand for EOTC Safety Management Plan Template and Toolkit Forms 

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