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What happened next?

Duration: 2:47
Curriculum area: Technology
Year group: Year 1
Location: Auckland

After the visit

The teacher reviewed the visit and encouraged students to discuss the machines that they had seen. They drew pictures and talked about how they work.

Through teacher-student conversations, the teacher checked the concept learning that had taken place as a result of the visit, before moving on to the next stage of the unit. The teacher felt that students had extended their knowledge and were ready to move into the next stage and plan their own models of the machines that they saw.

Students talked about their models. They discussed how machines use simple mechanisms to do the job they are designed for.

The teacher reflected on the additional benefits of the trip for her class and commented:

The trip proved valuable for one of our special needs children… the first recognisable drawing he did at school came directly from the Museum of Transport and Technology visit and the discussion/hands-on around levers. He was able to draw very good tongs [crocodile lever] and a see-saw lever.

The teacher also thought that the trip produced additional benefits for students. Because they understood the link made between food production and other aspects of the Matariki festival, the class could now join in with the preparation of a school-wide Matariki celebration. The teacher could also pick up on the students’ enjoyment of the mirror maze to work on a unit around light and reflection.

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