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EOTC - Experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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Making connections

Ko Tangaroa ara rau
Tangaroa of the many pathways of the sea
Everyone must be alert, know their roles, and also be willing and able to assist others.

There are many groups and organisations involved in EOTC, outdoor education and education for sustainability. They help you develop your programme.

You can find links to groups and organisations that will help you with:

  • teaching and learning ideas (curriculum documents and subject associations)
  • general activity ideas
  • activity and industry standards
  • training and professional development opportunities
  • sharing practice.

The EONZ Facebook page is where you can chat to others about EOTC. You can post your ideas of good places to go and activities that you have tried.

Not sure where to start looking for what you need? Either post a question on Facebook or get in touch with EONZ . 

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