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EOTC - Experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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Ka tika te rapaunga whakaaro
Ka tika ko te whakaharatau.
Getting the philosophy right
Will ensure informed practice

Learning involving EOTC starts when teachers work with students to identify their learning needs and aspirations, and design programmes with inside and outside the classroom experiences that meet these needs.

Learning outside the classroom is based in the most appropriate place to meet the learning needs of students – school grounds, local environment and community, or places further afield.

Learning from outside the classroom experiences continues inside the four walls of the classroom.

Reflection by teachers and students on the EOTC experience makes connections and shapes what comes next.

“You can talk about something, plan for something, and show them photos, but nothing beats the real deal.” Teacher

 Find out how you can bring the curriculum alive with EOTC.

  • EOTC in Action

    Explore case studies and see how EOTC experiences have been incorporated into a range of learning programmes.

  • Making EOTC happen

    Use the Teaching as Inquiry process to plan learning programmes that include learning inside and outside the classroom.

  • Activities, ideas, tools

    An opportunity to investigate some new teaching and learning tools.

  • Learning Safely

    What you need to know and do so your students learn safely outside the classroom.

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