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During the visit

Duration: 4:21
Curriculum area: Social Science
Year group: Years 4-6
Location: Wellington

The LEOTC educator introduced the museum learning experience in the museum classroom. The students found out that the building they were in used to belong to the Wellington Harbour Board, and they looked at the portraits of some of the ‘change-makers’ of Wellington in the board room. These changes took 111 years to result in the Wellington of today. The students used a game to ‘make’ the same changes in less than 111 seconds.

The students used their senses to explore nineteenth-century Wellington in the Bond Store gallery, and used a primary resource to find out about record keeping at the time. They explored the Telling Tales exhibition and investigated important developments in the twentieth century, from within their lifetime and backwards in time. They explored changes in values, buildings, and lifestyles.

Using images on the Tall Screen, static displays and hands-on interactive research in the exhibition Wellington a Century Ago, the students gathered information about specific changes that interested them. The LEOTC educator then took the group through the history of the Inconstant (the ship at the Plimmer’s Ark conservation display on Queens Wharf). The students shared some of their learning with the LEOTC educator and teachers.

The document below describes student behaviours or conversations during the visit that show evidence of learning.

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