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LEOTC - Learning experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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What happened next?

Duration: 1:27
Curriculum area: Social Science
Year group: Years 4-6
Location: Wellington

After the visit

The students used the information they had gathered in their research booklets to plan an in-depth research study on ‘Change’. They used other resources to gather more information relevant to their personal line of inquiry and made 3D visual displays to communicate their findings.

The students talked about their follow-up work and what they learned as a result of the LEOTC visit and their unit of study on ‘Change’.

Where could we go next?

'Teachers talked about how the students will revisit how 'The Changing Face of Wellington' fits in with the concept of ‘Change’ and the generalisations they have discussed. Next term they will look at the same concept and generalisations from a different angle – ‘Heroes and how they have changed our lives'.

During the next learning context the students will draw comparisons with the previous study and use Wellington ‘heroes’ as a link to the new concept. For this concept they will choose an independent research inquiry and use the structure of research they used in 'The Changing Face of Wellington' as a model. For the most part, learning experiences will consist of visits to the local library, with the exception of local ‘heroes’ they can visit or invite in.

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