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EOTC - Experiences outside the classroom. Ministry of Education.

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Learning Safely


Ka haere te mātātahi
Ka noho te mātāpuputu.
Youth rushes in,
Age deliberates.

“We try not to let the scary part of it get in the way of the school being able to do this” – Board Member.

 Learning and safety go hand in hand. These resources will help you to plan safe learning experiences.

“All the procedures are there for us to follow, so we know what to do and what is expected of us” – Teacher.

EOTC Guidelines: Bringing the Curriculum Alive

This works through the things you need to do to plan safe learning experiences outside the classroom. It includes a tool kit of sample forms for you to use.

National Incident Database Report 2009 

Cessford, (2010).

This report summarises data collected on the National Incident Database for 2009, and builds on the 2007-08 report. It presents summary figures and interpretations from a range of database results, and includes a number of case-study examples.

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